May 12, 2017 


With the growing interest in sustainable and ethical fashion, Ireland is seeing an increasing number of designers and collections offering beautiful clothing made with strong sustainability credentials. The latest of these is Bébhínn McGrath from Co. Waterford who is launching her stunning new collection, BÉBHÍNN, next Monday, May 15th.  

Who is Bébhínn?

With a dressmaker Mum and knitter Grandmother, Bébhínn McGrath has fashion in her blood. Growing up in beautiful Dunmore East, this Waterford designer has always been surrounded by fabrics and fashion and is even using her grandmother’s machines to create knitwear for her new collection!

After finishing school, Bébhínn moved to London to study Fashion and then moved to Dublin to study Costume Design in IADT. Her studies paid off and the young designer went on to work for five years in the Film and TV industry on well-known productions including Brooklyn, Vikings and What Richard Did.

However, Bébhínn always wanted to create her own label, and decided to take the leap last year and move home to Waterford. In a twist of fate, she also got to work on the BBC production of Redwater in Waterford with the crew she had spent years with in Dublin!

Why Ethical Fashion?

Bébhínn has had a keen interest in ethical fashion for some years and has always been intrigued by where clothes come from, who made them and at what cost?

Describing the ethical credentials of her new label, Bébhínn explains “All the fabrics are fully traceable, the linen I use for the entire collection is woven by Emblem Weavers in Wexford and the yarn I use for the knitwear comes from Donegal Yarns in Donegal. Everything from the first drawing to signing the delivery parcel takes place in my home studio, all by myself. I make and design all the garments from scratch. It is essential that the pieces are manufactured to the highest standard as the aim is that the garments will last and be cherished for years to come.”

The BÉBHÍNN Collection

The collection consists of 16 pieces that can all be mixed and matched together. They are contemporary classics designed to help consumers move away from buying throw away clothes and towards investing in long lasting pieces. As all the pieces are classic cuts and styles, they are designed to stay in “fashion” for years to come.

Another unique factor of the BÉBHÍNN Collection is that every single garment is made to order, so each customer will have the experience of having pieces made especially for them.

Where to Buy

BÉBHÍNN is sold directly to customers through the website and online shop, bebhinn.ie. Customers can expect to have the garment delivered to them within 7 days of purchase.

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Bébhínn McGrath